About Baroquing

We are baroque music enthusiasts.

We founded our Company to support Czech Musicians and Czech Music of Baroque and Classicism eras. And we are lucky to have friends and specialists and great musicians who supports our ideas.

Meet us


Baroquing - barokní operní společnost, z.s. 

IČO 14032678 

Marie Fajtová

Soloist of National Theatre in Prague, former guest soprano in Teatro Verdi in Trieste, Teatro in Udine, Helsinky, Tallinn, Moscow, Magdeburg, Versailles, Rennes and other stages. 

Artistic Director of the Association Baroquing

Alena Lehnerová

Alena is Nurse in the Military Hospital in Prague. She is a great lover of Mozart, but above all she knows literally every grave in Prague. In her spare time, she is a tour guide at the Malostranské cemetery.

Jan Kohout

Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Italy